Welcome to Broastreet-DyDx, the innovative force in the realm of deal origination, capital raising, and strategic business facilitation. We stand as Africa's premiere Deal Origination & Aggregation platform, bringing a suite of services that redefine the landscape of financial intermediation.
Driven by the aspiration to be a leading one-stop Deal-Commerce platform, we are focused on originating and aggregating deals that align with the Risk Acceptance Criteria of the funding/financing sector.


To catalyze financial prosperity by deepening financial inclusion and fostering economic growth and sustainability across focused sectors in Nigeria and Africa at large.


To provide a veritable platform that serves as a nexus for deal origination and aggregation, capital raising and strategic interventions.

Service Mandate & Philosophy

  • Hub of Deal Origination: Bridging the financing gap to stimulate economic growth.
  • Expanding Possibilities: Fostering growth across focused sectors.
  • Mutual Market Penetration: Creating opportunities for borrowers, lenders, investors and ideators.

Focused Sectors

  • Creative & Digital Economy
  • Green Economy (technology, process & products)
  • Food Economy
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Trade and Export Finance


Deal Origination

  • Pipeline Deal Origination.
  • Aggregating bankable & fundable deals.
  • Investment facilitation.

Capital Raising

  • Connect with Private Capital
  • Connect with Loans and Credit lines
  • Connect with Guarantee Providers

Strategic Intermediation & Intervention

  • Connect with BS Partners
  • Business Process Re-engineering & Corporate Transformation
  • Products & Marketplace Activations.

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Broastreet-DyDx holds significance as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, addressing financing gaps, empowering MSMEs, and contributing to economic prosperity. Join us in shaping success stories in the entrepreneurial landscape of Africa.

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The Broastreet-DyDx Analysts are a Team of highly experienced financial experts, whose knowledge of banking & finance cross-breeds with practical experience in key sectors of the economy


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Lagos Nigeria West Africa
141 Heathdene Drive DA17 6HZ, Belvedere, Kent,London

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